Oil & Gas Engineering


Our Services

  • Ultrasonic Testing
    MASSA provide Ultrasonic testing service using calibrated modern equipment covering the following:
    • Thickness measurements.
    • Lamination detection.
    • Welding inspection.

    The above activities could be provided for both fabrication and construction stage or for plant inspection or during shut-down or in stream operation.

  • Radiographic Testing
    Radiographic testing could be provided to perform testing on welds using all techniques specified in international standard and codes . MASSA has ministry of health permit to perform testing using Isotopes and, also licensed engineers to carry out radiographic testing Testing by Gamma-Ray portable Camera as with Ir.192 sources . This tests can cover piping , vessels , steel structure and the any other different components. Our scope including testing, interpretation according to specified code or standard . X-Ray radiographic testing could be provided which depends on the client requirements and the accessibility .
  • Dye Penetrant Testing
    Dye penetrant testing could be provided by different technique both visible or fluorescent on different materials in fabrication or maintenance stage by qualified personnel.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
    MASSA provide magnetic particle testing by Ac-DC Yokes or Permanent magnets with portable cans which can be applied on ferrous materials with visible or under black light testing ( fluorescent ) .
  • Painting Inspection
    Massa can provide painting inspection, painting supervision on all equipments or structures measuring surface finish, wet film thickness dry film thickness dry film thickness and adhesion test, also review painting specifications and certificates.

    Massa can also evaluate and inspect coating, wrapping for the on-shore and off-shore pipelines.

  • Plant Inspection
    MASSA have the ability to provide the plant inspection for petroleum or petrochemical plants which cover periodic , planed or shutdown inspection on boilers , heat exchangers , towers , vessels, valves, heaters .
  • Hardness Testing
    Massa can provide hardness testing by portable equipment with ability to produce results with different types Brinel, Vickers, Rockwell,...
  • Heat Treatment
    Massa can provide site facilities of heat treatment services for piping works and other petroleum and industrial equipment.